Bastian Voice Institute

To video-consult with one of our four clinicians, please call Bastian Voice Institute at 630-724-1100 or email your request, along with where you are emailing from, to We will help you with a series of simple steps to arrange a HIPAA-compliant Zoom video-visit.

 About our doctors and physician assistant

All four of them share expertise with a very large caseload of both common and rare disorders.  For example, as a group, we manage:

  • An estimated 1500 persons with sensory neuropathic cough (SNC), many from great distances and often from outside of Illinois. 
  • Approximately 100 persons with spasmodic dysphonia per month
  • Uncommon swallowing disorders like cricopharyngeus dysfunction with or without Zenker’s diverticulum
  • Persons with chronic hoarseness due to vocal overuse injury
  • Singers with otherwise-irreversible injuries who elect to undergo microsurgery (at least 2000 cases and many thousands more in non-singers)
  • One of the Midwest’s largest populations of adults with laryngeal papillomas (RRP)
  • Vocal cord paralysis (medialization via injected or surgical implants)
  • Larynx cancer (Laser excision or partial or total laryngectomy)
  • Narrowing of the airway in voicebox or trachea (windpipe)
  • Inability to belch (retrograde cricopharyngeus dysfunction)

Learn more about the disorders we treat.

 Staff will coach you through the following steps

  1. Schedule a time as described above (a simple and straightforward process)
  2. Fill out a few forms we send you, so that our doctors can help you best
  3. Follow instructions for return of questionnaire, consent, appointment time, and payment.
  4. Engage in a Zoom HIPAA-compliant conversation and teaching session, concluding with a recommended “plan” after considering your options.  Sometimes in-office examination is recommended.