Bastian Voice Institute

This week, we celebrate 20 years of helping thousands of patients from all 50 states, and more than 50 countries across the globe with their voice, swallowing and airway disorders.

After a career in academic medicine, Dr. Robert W. Bastian founded Bastian Voice Institute, opening its doors in October 2003. Doctors recruited to the practice include Dr. Brent Richardson (from inception), and more recently Dr. Rebecca C. Hoesli. Our clinician total comes to four with the addition several years ago of Melissa L. Wingo, PA.

To our knowledge, Bastian Voice Institute was, and continues to be, the first and only pure laryngology practice in the Midwest, treating unusual disorders such as spasmodic dysphonia, vocal cord injuries, especially in singers, laryngeal tumors, sensory neuropathic coughing, swallowing disorders, airway narrowing, inability to burp, and more.

Images of Bastian Voice Institute on opening day in October 2003 Dr. Robert Bastian and Dr. Brent Richardson in October 2003 Dr. Brent Richardson October 2003